Be a part of the growing success

Altor Executive Search is one of the fastest growing Executive Search firms for the BFSI sector. Leading Indian and Global institutions trust us in helping them find the leaders who will power their growth.

Touch the stars with Executive Search

Unlike recruitment, Executive Search is not based on quantity of the people you find but on their quality. Search consultants are specialists with a deep knowledge of their domain, are in tune with the latest industry developments and have created and nurtured relationships with key industry professionals. Being part of Altor Executive Search gives you the opportunity to interact with some of the most dynamic, motivated professionals in finance and match step with some of the most talented industry leaders in the world.

A challenging and rewarding career

Executive Search is in the stratosphere of the recruitment sector. It is the career of choice of elite professionals and can be very rewarding emotionally, intellectually and financially. You will play a career advisory role to the leadership talent in industry and a business consultant role to your clients. The challenge is intense and the joy of meeting those challenges is exhilarating. Working with Altor brings to you colleagues who have solved key business and people challenges and earned the trust and respect of clients. We work with some of the most dynamic and fast moving finance firms in the world and working with Altor will give you an opportunity of taking forward and expanding upon a winning legacy.

Altor: A work culture that understands people

At Altor, we believe that work and play are not separate aspects of life but are in fact complementary. We encourage an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual respect. We firmly believe that the growth of the company lies in the growth of the employee and that only a satisfied employee can lead to a satisfied client. We place a strong emphasis on learning , both formally and informally and allowing each individual to pursue their own path to growth. We recognize the importance of letting your hair down once in a while and events are celebrated regularly. Understanding people is a key aspect of Altor’s DNA and this understanding begins at home.

You can be a successful Search professional if

  • You are a people’s person and love to interact and network with people.
  • Have an insatiable thirst for knowledge – understanding both the industry and candidates.
  • Understand people and the ambitions of top professionals
  • Possess excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Have great communication skills and an engaging personality
  • Are confident when interacting with corporate leadership.

The Path to Growth

The chain of command is transparent and growth is based both on performance and experience. The following is a brief introduction to the various roles and responsibilities associated with each when working at Altor.

Why Join Altor

  • One of the fastest growing organizations; over 300% growth in last one year
  • Develop domain expertise and interact with leadership of finance world.
  • Semi entrepreneurial career, immense freedom and scope of growth.
  • A rewarding career – emotionally, intellectually, financially
  • Vibrant, dynamic and transparent work culture.
  • Opportunity to work with high caliber, young & energetic minds.