For Clients

Insider’s insight, outsider’s analysis:

As a brainchild of finance professionals, we bring to our clients a unique perspective on the industry, combining an insider’s insight with the detachment of an outsider. This allows us to better understand the needs of our client organizations as well as industry professionals.

Dedicated teams for laser sharp focus:

Team Altor is fully structured around industry verticals and subsectors. Every team is a specialist in its focus area, giving us the depth of knowledge to power our search process based on detailed insight into the client’s operations and requirements.

Trust of the talent pool:

Our balanced approach to search keeping in mind the interests of candidates, our responsible conduct and career counselling support have earned us the trust of the talent pool. Building on our industry experience we have created relationships with top professionals across the industry, greatly enhancing our access to top talent and giving us the edge in attracting and retaining talent from across the industry.

Partnership beyond search :

At Altor we believe in providing the full benefits of our research to our clients. Our extensive market intelligence allows us to provide them with a number of useful inputs like Market mapping of key business areas and the structure of a client’s competitor firms, Introduction of business ideas and initiatives to clients, Understanding of clients’ markets – their competitor’s strategies, strengths and weaknesses, and P&L profile. We are partners in their growth, bringing them ideas and information to help them always stay a step ahead.

Holistic assessment:

We are committed to engaging personally with every candidate shortlisted. Our analysis and assessment process goes deeper than mere words on a page to understand a candidate’s drive, commitment, skills and the cultural fit. Our experience and sharp focus on the industry add the edge to our assessment skills ensuring that our clients get leaders who integrate perfectly with their vision and culture.

Responsible conduct:

As the client’s brand ambassador to the talent pool, we treat every interaction with the utmost professionalism. We are always mindful of the responsibility associated with this position and treat it in accordance with the dignity it deserves.

We are fully committed to client confidentiality and strive to create a transparent working relationship and an atmosphere of trust.