Excellence is a habit

At Altor, we believe in the power of guiding values in creating an organization that rallies around a vision. We have embraced a philosophy based around our key values and pillars of strength, to chart our path to growth and to always be in touch with our core principles.

Knowledge and Intelligence

We strive to ensure a deep synergy between our domain knowledge, market intelligence and extensive people network. In a world of constant innovation, knowledge is a potent currency, enriching our operations in every way. It lends credence to our words and allows us to streamline our services based on a solid foundation. We must sustain this strength, by encouraging a culture of knowledge driven excellence deeper into our operations and by constantly reaffirming our commitment to always staying in sync with the pulse of the industry.


In a people intensive industry like Executive Search, excellence is a reflection of every employee’s individual dedication. Team Altor has distinguished itself over a very short span of time and gained a growth momentum rarely witnessed in the industry. This high achieving team must be nurtured and sustained. Team Altor will always be unified by a commitment to providing quality service and exceptional value to clients at every engagement.

Ideas and innovation

We must foster and sustain our culture of ideas and carry forward our tradition of innovation to partner with clients beyond their search needs and find newer and more effective ways to help them solve their business problems.

We are deeply committed to using our market intelligence to update clients on new business ideas and Industry best practices. Our efforts in this domain have been a key component of our growth and must be maintained with full vigour.

Technology and Process

Quality of service must be matched by its consistency. We believe in the power of processes in enabling us to deliver superlative quality at every engagement.

We also embrace extensive use of technology in helping us excel on every parameter. We use next generation tools to engage candidates and are forever searching for cutting edge means to help us deliver better services.

Evolution and growth are central tenets of life and business; we must constantly refine our processes and adopt technology to increase our internal and external efficiency.


As the representatives of our clients to the talent pool, we are fully committed to our responsibility. We believe in our client’s vision and ensure that we effectively communicate the same in all our engagements with candidates. Simultaneously we also have a responsibility towards the talent pool. Our continued success is contingent on retaining the balance and ensuring that the needs of both clients and candidates are met in a seamless integration.