Success lies in the details

At Altor, we understand the value of process driven methodologies and meticulous planning. The Altor search process leverages our core strengths of industry experience, strong candidate assessment capabilities and detailed research. It allows us to deliver high quality services, consistently. We are forever on the move; constantly evolving and infusing ever greater efficiency into our operations.

The Key Stages Of The Altor Search Process Are

  • 1Assimilating the brief

    In the initial stages we focus on understanding the job profile, strategic objectives, organizational culture, key challenges, time-scales involved and identify the most optimum method of research. The key objective is to understand ‘The ideal candidate’ from company’s perspective.

  • 2The search

    Our senior consultant devises a search strategy combining the target list of companies to recruit from. Towards this end the consultant relies extensively on our database which is one of the most comprehensive talent databases ever compiled for the BFSI industry.

  • 3The extensive list

    At this stage the senior consultant puts together a ‘long list’ of potential candidates along with our recommendations for an initial review by clients.

  • 4Candidate profiling

    We try to contact and profile each candidate identified from the long list in terms of their role, previous organizations, expertise areas, achievements, compensation details, and other relevant information.

  • 5The condensed list

    This list consists of candidates who have displayed interest when contacted and will typically include between 3 and 5 candidates.At this stage client interview process takes over until a decision is reached. We help in -coordinating the interviews and meetings.

  • 6Selection & Offer

    Once client has identified the candidate of their choice, Altor does extensive reference checks before the offer is extended. We assist clients and professionals in package negotiation and structuring by drawing upon our knowledge of industry benchmarks and strive to ensure that expectations of both the parties are met.

  • 7On-boarding

    Post offer acceptance, Altor engages with candidates during their notice period to help ensure that they join on the pre-agreed date. Follow-ups are done with both the clients and candidates to ensure a smooth transition into the new role.