Key Account Director (4 -7 Yrs)

  • A highly entrepreneurial role.
  • Consult clients on their businesses through industry analysis.
  • Keeping clients updated on the Industry (Leadership movements, best practices, M&As, new product launches, new businesses, company restructuring)
  • Maintaining end to end relationship with key stakeholders of client organizations
  • Ensure regular business flow from the client organizations.
  • Managing a team of DM/M to ensure high quality execution and timely delivery of client mandates.
  • Helping DM/M on formulating search strategies and assessment of candidates.
  • Work independently on leadership hiring mandates of the clients
  • Knowledge development and management of the team
  • Building the Altor team.
  • Develop and evolve systems and processes within the organization.
  • Consult clients on their businesses through industry analysis.

The Path to Growth

The chain of command is transparent and growth is based both on performance and experience. The following is a brief introduction to the various roles and responsibilities associated with each when working at Altor.